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Suki and Slade have been made over the span of a year! Crazy. They didn't even look like this in the beginning. I'm so happy I redid them and took the time to make almost everything on them! I'm sure you will love them as much as I did making them.... enjoy lovelies.

- Onion♡

   D E T A I L S...

  • 3.0
  • Unity 2019.4.31f1
  • Index ready
  • Phys Bones ready
  • FBT ready
  • 99% of assets made by me!

  F E A T U R E S...

  • Inter-changeable toggles and outfits:
    • SUKI - Jacket, crop top, bralette, pants, underwear, socks, nsfw, long hair, short hair, pigtails.
    • SLADE - Kimono shirt, sweater, harness, pants, comfy pans, nsfw, man bun, normal hair.
    • BOTH - Ears, tail, crown, choker, necklace, shoes.
  • Share joint
  • Marker
  • Wax Pen
    • blows smoke when brought to mouth.
  • Locomotion
    • can turn off animations in game and switch prone and crouch anims.
  • Ipod
    • 3 playlists and a volume radial.
  • Skin tone and clothing brightness radials
    • 3 skin tones for both Slade and Suki!
  • Head pat and nose boop contacts
  • Facial Gestures
  • NSFW


   C R E D I T S...

     R U L E S...

  1.  Removing logos and trademarks.
    • Every model includes a trademark/logo inside of the head. Removing this logo and or using it for your own is violating my TOS. 
  2. You are not allowed to recreate my models with my assets, your own, or others.
    • This is strictly prohibited and will result in a blacklist, ban, and warning to other creators.
  3. Using these models for underage use or play is prohibited.
    • All of these models are adults and include NSFW aspects, using them to portray underage characters is not allowed.
  1.  You must provide correct information in all of the payment fields when purchasing a model.
    • Failing to do so will result in a ban.
    • If you are purchasing a couple models for you and someone else please provide their information in the correct areas.
    • If you are buying a couple models for yourself please insert an [ X ] when it asks who you are sharing it with.
    • If you are purchasing as a gift please provide their information in the correct areas.
  2. Price splitting is prohibited.
    • You may not price split any of these models. You may not split money with a group or with others to obtain these models and give it to the price splitting participants. Purchasing the model can only be done by one person and that singular person will receive the model. 
  3. Redistributing, sharing, leaking, and or trading is absolutely not allowed. 
    →  This includes: 
    • Uploading or sending packages to friends, family, and significant others.
    • Using unofficial websites to download / purchase these models.
    • Trading these models for other models or assets/ trading other models or assets for these models.
    • Sharing any model on discord or any other platform.

!! The only exception to this rule is for couple models. You may share the counterpart with a significant other or friend as long as you state so on gumroad or to onion through discord !!

  1. Claiming as your own.
    • These models were created from my designs, heavily edited, edited at all, or not, you may not claim as your own under any circumstances.
  1. Publicizing these models publicly is prohibited.
    →  This includes: 
    • Making any of these models public on your account in VrChat or any other platform.
    • Making these models public in a world on VrChat or any other platform.
    • Making them public in discord or any other platform (this includes sharing in dms).
  2. Asset mining of these models is strictly prohibited.
    • You may not purchase any of these models for the intention of asset mining (purchasing the model only to obtain and use the assets). Many of the assets are made by me and other creators and you can obtain the assets through their stores or mine. If not, you cannot use the asset.
  3. Resale is prohibited.
    →  You may not make any monetary gain from these models ever, even if: 
    • They are heavily edited, edited at all by anyone, or direct resale.
    • Paywalls (discord nitro, discord private channels, etc).
  4. No refunds.
    • Refunds and chargebacks are never allowed, if done so it will result in an automatic ban and your rights to purchase models and assets will be revoked.
  5. Buyers Intent.
    • Using my models to be malicious, racist, rude, disrespectful, sexist, homophobic, transphobic to anyone will result in a ban and DMCA. My models are intended to be used in a respectful manner. Make sure your intent is in the right place.
  6. Uploading to other platforms.
    • You can upload my models to other platforms as long as you follow the rest of my rules, YOU CANNOT SHARE THE MODEL TO OTHERS ON THESE PLATFORMS.

If you purchase, or own any of my models you automatically agree to these terms <3

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  • Don't forget to leave a rating!! <33
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